This is the last episode dedicated to Leo Burnett Romania, focusing on some other clients.

By the way, the videos are shamelessly stolen from IQads (because they don’t allow embeds).

Muzeul Antipa

Home of natural history, the Antipa Museum is one of the best museums you can see in Bucharest. The entire ad package focused on blending ancient elements into the daily life. And I love it.

Antena 1

Back in the day, when Antena 1 was a decent top TV (as opposed to the shit the entire media turned into), they had a really good spot.

Apropo TV

The TV show led by Andi Moisescu had its ups and downs, and as much as I dislike his wife, Andi still managed to be a half-decent human being and a good TV host. And Apropo TV is still one of the best shows out there.

Academia Catavencu

“Our readers are smarter than theirs” was one of the best taglines in printed media of the 2000s. Being a politically and culturally satire, the weekly paper had a great TV spot that somehow displayed its target audience: old farts with a dark sense of humor.

Some other posts regarding ads will come soon, but these should be enough for now.