If your application demands crisp, detailed images, Pelco’s superhigh resolution monitors are the best choice for you. The PMCS17A monitor has a computer grade picture tube capable of producing a horizontal resolution of 700 TV lines. Standard high-resolution monitors produce only about 350 TV lines. The super-high resolution of the PMCS17A allows you to take full advantage of todayÆs digital imaging surveillance equipment including S-video output devices, like Pelco’s Genex« Series multiplexer. The PMCS17A can be used in desktop applications or rack mounted. Controls for brightness, color, contrast, and volume are located on the front of the monitor. The monitors support NTSC and PAL video formats, as well as 120 VAC and 230 VAC input power.

  • Super-High Resolution
  • 700 TV Lines
  • Computer Grade Picture Tube
  • Front Panel Controls
  • Auto-Ranging 90-260 VAC Input
  • Auto-Sensing NTSC/PAL
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Video and Audio Input and Output
  • S-VHS Input for Separate Y-C Signals
  • Rack Mountable

This is a very big monitor, at 17 inches it’s almost the size of a big TV. However, the flicker is insane. Using only LCD displays and their successors for the last 15 years, a CRT monitor will literally blow your eyes out. However, it’s very great to play Mario or to watch some laserdisc movies on it, and the photos I took don’t bring it justice. The colours are nice and the scan lines can only be seen by the phone camera, not by the eye. The sound is pretty bad, but I think it’s due to a defective speaker, rather than a low quality component. Audio out from the Laserdisc player or console is a good variant.

All in all, a cheap and good alternative to the usual Sony PVMs which at this size is usually priced at over 2000 euro (not that anyone actually pays this money for a 30 year old monitor).



Pelco CRT Monitors

pelco_crt_monitors.pdf (123 KB)