A few weeks ago, I decided to import my old blog posts into this site, and display them along with the records I added over the last few years, and with the upcoming articles. They were easy to do, as I used a similar script as I did to my IMDb ratings article, so without further ado, let’s get to the graphs.

Articles by Hour Published

You can see that I like to post records in the morning and to write in the afternoon, or evenings. This is also because some of the older posts were written in a time when I was working nine-to-five, so I didn’t always had time to write.

Articles by Day Of The Week

This graph is pretty stable, because I like to write any day, but during weekends I have a bit more time.

Articles by Year

I was writing quite constantly until 2011, then in 2017 I started to post records, more or less on a daily basis. Best year was 2018, with 110 articles, averaging one every 3 days or so. In 2022, I’ve started to write more.

Articles by Month

Some months are more productive, some are less, it all comes down to me being in the mood to write or not :)

Articles by Date

I’m still thinking of what can be seen in this graph, but maybe one day I’ll see a nice pattern here as well.