I’ve also added a post explaining in detail how I made this page, and you can read it here.

Some years ago, I decided that adding a rating to movies and TV series I watched would help me track a bit about what titles I’ve seen. Some reviews are in posts, others in quickies. The list itself is here, and for some interesting graphs and stuff about them, read further.

Until Today, I have rated X titles, adding up to minutes (that's hours, or days, or years)

My Ratings

The ratings I’ve given are obviously super-biased and on a very arbitrary scale. If a film was super good, it gets a ten, if it was good, it’ll get a nine. When it’s okey, it’s an eight. Lower marks mean that movies are either bad, boring (Manchester by the Sea, or like 80% of indie movies), stupid (American Pie Band Camp and Beta House?), really fall short of their expectations (Matrix Resuscitations). The 1/10 star is reserved though for really crappy shits (Police, Adjective) or straight up SJW propaganda (like Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette)

I know I have pretty large ratings, in comparison with other people’s scores or the IMDb score, which is no way a good comparison anyway, a movie is good if I say it’s good, not because most IMDb users agree it’s good. This situation is because I never try to see a movie as more than it is. Wanna watch The Man From Earth? I’ll watch it because it’s good. Wanna watch any Michael Bay flick? Be sure I’ll rate the overall “fun” of the movie.

Rating by Video Type

I mostly rate movies, but I throw the occasional ten (or one) to a TV Series (like Ted Lasso or Twin Peaks) or a TV Episode (like MAS*H: Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen)

Ratings by Day Of The Week

This is a pretty nice graph, because it shows I’m rating pretty consistently over the week on the long run, with the expected increase over the weekend. Having the habit of rating a movie right after I saw it, Monday is pretty high because some of the ratings are added late Sunday, past midnight, so it’s technically Monday ;)

Ratings by Year

This graph should show how many movies I’m watching and/or rating each year, but it got a bit skewed when in 2014 and 2015 I’ve started to actively rate titles that I’ve seen in the past, based on the impression they left me with, adding about 40% of the all-time ratings in a few months span.

Ratings by Month

The month graph is pretty standard, with the April-May spike exception caused by the many ratings added in a short time in 2014 and 2015.

Moreover, the spike over the winter is normal, because of the bad weather, I’m more likely to stay inside and watch something, than go out.

And the summer is flat, but has a decent number, because that’s when all the summer blockbusters come out and the cinemas are booming.

Ratings by Day

This graph is pretty useless and meaningless, but I already made it and I’m too lazy to remove it.

Movies by Their Release Year

Regarding the Release Date of the stuff I watch, I really enjoy modern films, with decent graphical effects, but I also love old movies with well-written story, characters and conflicts.

Movies by Their IMDb Rating

I usually look at a movie’s IMDb Rating just to get a vague idea of how a movie was received. I sometimes look over the user ratings for my demographic (Male, 30-44 years old) and/or check a few User Reviews, always sorted by Helpfulness. The default “Prolific Reviewer” is usually filled with paid shills or over-pretentious pricks.

A movie is, however, like Schrödinger’s cat. It’s both good and bad, until you see it and decide for yourself. Regardless of the IMDb rating.

Movies Ordered by Genre

This came as a surprise for me, because I was expecting comedies to be way way higher than dramas, but they’re not. It’s either because I like soapy stuff, or because the majority of the movies made are dramas. However, doing the “Top 250 IMDb Challenge” (I’ll write a post about it soon), made the genres list a bit more extended, and I’m happy for that

Movies Ordered by Directors

Since the ratings export file from IMDb comes with this field as well, I decided it’s a good idea to see which of them have directed the most movies. The list is pretty large, so I decided to keep in the graph only the ones with five or more movies seen.

No surprise that Steven Spielberg is at the top, he directed a whopping 57 movies (as of March 2022), most of them are really really good. The rest of the top list is not a surprise either, as it gathers great directors, well-established names in the industry.

Some Movies

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