Another new year has come and gone, another 365 days behind us. A year with Oscars, Eurovision, FIFA World Cup. War broke out in Ukraine, Putin became the newest dictator of the planet, The Queen died. Between all these, I still had some time to see some movies, listen to some records, and attend some concerts.

Posts 130
Movies 162
Records 141
Concerts 23
Gadgets 64

I’m not going to talk too much about the posts section, but a thing worth noting is the fact that I was able to create some post “bundles”, which are collection of articles regarding the same theme, be it about my 14 year old iPod Touch, Underrated Songs, various games.

I watch a lot of movies, some days, when I’m sick or just lazy in bed, I watch even a few. Same for TV series. So I decided to make a section for them in the site and post some quick opinions about them. I managed a whopping 162 this year, and I tell you, some are very very good.

Besides visual media, I managed to add more records into the “A Record A Day” section, managing a whopping 141 records added this year, meaning a record every 2 and a half days. Not great, not terrible.

I’ve also managed to make a separate page for the records that got the artists (and not only*) personal touch, in the “Signed” subsection.
*Hey, you don’t have to be famous to sign an autograph.

I’m thinking however on repurposing one of my old phones into a static photo booth, because the photographing and editing takes a lot. And as Dani told me once (and it’s still one of the best photography advice I ever got), good camera and lighting preparation can cut up to 90% of the time spent editing.

But besides these sections, I focused a lot on photographing some of the gadgets I have around the house. I loved spending some time with each, not only photographing, but charging, cleaning, fidgeting, listening to them.

Among all these, I managed to go and see some live events, however with the fall I started to do more house-related stuff and was pretty much away from concerts. I’ve still managed to attend a whopping 23 events this year, so it’s a lot better than the fucking pandemic year. The highlights? Thievery Corporation, after seeing them a few years ago in Sofia; Nightwish, a name long overdue on my bucket list, six Luna Amara concerts, Tapinarii three times, Alternosfera twice, and a series of others I really really enjoyed.

There’s a new post bundle I created that might become a section of its own and it consists of the collections I have, be it trading cards or sticker albums. I started with a few football ones, to mark the World Cup, but it’s gonna go into nice places, with cartoons, sports, and others, some having a great story behind them.

Oh, and I started a 365 project.

Nerd alert!

Before the new year comes over us, let’s take a moment and talk about graphs!

Looking at the monthly graph, it’s easy to see that the only month where I managed to post a record each day was June, and that was with a lot of prior preparation. You can also see the number of posts has decreased a lot on a monthly basis, but that’s because I used to write a lot about games last winter.

The weekly graph shows a generally flat curve, with a high on Mondays, because I sometimes write on Sunday evenings and publish past midnight or the morning after.