raku feat. Macanache - aici la noi

Zubi - Sugar (feat. Anatu)

Fără Zahăr - Smile

Lol, this is 9 years old, and I just discovered it. Great fun song.

Phương Tâm: Có Nhớ Đêm Nào (1964)

Some Saigon rock and roll before the commies took over.

White Walls - Starfish Crown

Francesca Michielin - Nessun grado di separazione

Kleerup with Lykke Li - Until we bleed

Schiller feat Jael - Come back to me

Sasha - Battleships (re-Fracted : Live)

Mr. Kitty – Destruction Of Us

For Spotify users

For people that are using Spotify, here’s also a playlist of the songs I liked in 2022. Put it on shuffle and enjoy!