KANIBAL - ANII ‘90 (Feat. SPP)

My dear friend, Claudiu released a 90’s jungle song along with the guys from SexPulaPistol

Röyksopp - ‘Feel It’ ft. Maurissa Rose

Great new night song by Röyksopp, as expected.

COMA - Lângă brad [2022] feat. Macanache

The surprise of the year, in 2022 Coma released a ska-punk song, one that actually pre-dates the existence of the band. It’s done in collaboration with Macanache and it’s fucking amazing.

DJ NASA - Strada Mea

The best beat of the year, featuring some the best rappers in Romania. Part one features Vlad Dobrescu, Vlad Flueraru, Dorian, Connect-R, Ferat, Deliric, Faust, romaN, El Nino, Mimon, Stres, Carbon, DOC, Frank & J Saw.

Part two features BRUJA, Jenă, Macanache, Junky Zice, NOSFE, Nu’, Omu Gnom, Amuly, Tranda

Uniforma - Un Nebun (Rodion G.A. cover)

K not K - Memory

The Rasmus - Jezebel

Although I wrote about them on the Eurovision post, it’s a very good song, it deserves a second bump.

Rammstein - Zeit

Only Rammstein can make German sound beautiful. This heavy ballad is perhaps one of their best songs ever.

Grimus - Soarele (Răsare Și Singur)

Another single from their very good album, Abandonic. Totally recommending this.


The live that put Macanache on my map. Guy’s good, knows how to rhyme and delivers with fantastic flow.

Am Fost La Munte Și Mi-a Plăcut - Ne Cerem Scuze Pentru Disconfortul Creat

B A I E T I I are back with a new album and clip and they’re amazing. Just hit play.


Pop-rock cover of the famous football anthem, blends new and old, traditional and modern. Feels like someone lost a bet here, but I’m definitely happy they did.

EM44official - 29 / Ecou / Povestea Nimănui | Diud, where’s my tune?

I don’t fancy EMAA, or the generic Irina Rimes/The Motans/Carla’s Dreams genre she tackles (just like everyone else at Global Records), but this live is absolutely fantastic. She’s got the voice, she’s got the band, she’s got everything. Would like to see her in more stuff like this.

Twenty One Pilots - Heathens//Stranger Things (Live from Romania)

This is the best advertising/music mashup done in the last few years, TØPxNETFLIX did an insane job, and the fact that this happened in Romania, at Electric Castle festival was a nice thing.

Om la Lună - O Sperietură / Nespuse | Diud, where’s my tune?

Another great live video from Diud, this time with one of the most loved new bands in Romania.

Kalush Orchestra & The Rasmus - In The Shadows of Ukraine

Given the fact that they got close during the Eurovision, Kalush Orchestra teamed up with The Rasmus for a remake of “In the Shadows”, with strong Ukrainian folklore influences.

Our mission is to let as many people as possible know about this war and the courage of the Ukrainian people. That’s why we decided to shoot a video for this song.

Luna Amară - Ne iubim mai mult când dormim (visualiser)

Strong song from my favourite band, preceding an album that’s probably going to be released next year (or so I hope).

Alternosfera - Bonjour Madame

Alternosfera released the first single from their upcoming album. Romantism is the name, distorted guitars is the game.

Last, but not least

This year, as promised, Coma released a few songs from their album which is due to come next year. Following Aurora, another three songs with female names were released, NYX, Iza and Callista. Below you’ll see the most recent one, but do check the other two. They are amazing.