Post-semifinal Update

Updated on February 14, 2022

omegalul. After the semifinal, only one of my favourite songs got promoted to the final, much to the displeasure of the Romanian viewers, which considered “Malere” a favourite (and for a good reason).

There are some controversies, one of the songs is accused of copying an older song, something we’re used to. In other news, the removal of some of the best songs in the competition was met with

So fingers crossed for Dora on the National Selection Final on Sunday, March 5th.

First of all, lol. After watching Sanremo 2022 the last week, most of the stuff we’re putting in the race for Eurovision 2022 are a joke. We lack vision, we lack set directors and designers, we lack good writers, we lack good critics that can say: “dude, your shit is boring as fuck”. We’re playing in the very little league.

And it’s a shame. We have some talented singers, and some good compositions. A combination where the singers are really good and the composition itself is good too is rarely seen. Most songs are bland, boring, have nothing to stand out from the crowd, are not interesting and most are not even worth writing about.

I’ve seen a lot of folklore. Mixed with hip-hop, metal, rock, whatever else there is out there. I’m happy that the guys that push people to the front of the Eurovision Romanian Selection finally discovered what Subcarpati is doing for the last century and started to copy them.

It was disappointing to see good bands with good instrumentalists needing to play only with their voice live, because the Romanian Television (TVR) is unable in 2022 to set up a proper full-band live performance. In comparison, Sanremo had a fucking orchestra. Maybe it’s time for EBU to give the license to someone else.

Without further ado, after (painfully) listening all the songs from this year, I managed to gather a few favourites.

Eliza G - “The Other Half Of Me”

Good voice, good composition, managed to catch my ear a bit. This wouldn’t have made the list normally, but my other two favorites are folklore-based, so it was nice to see something good, but different.

Dora Gaitanovici - “Ana”

Strong rock with Romanian folklore influences, Dora has a great voice and this is one of her best songs and probably the best song of the competition. I really hope she wins.

E-an-na - “Malere”

Been listening to them for some time and when I heard “Malere” is their entry for Eurovision, I honestly thought it was a joke. However, the song is well executed, blending metal and manele pretty nice. This song is so fucking meta, it might actually win.