The Grand Final, held in Torino, on May 14 brought together 25 songs, fighting a fierce battle for the trophy. The list is below, shamelessly stolen from Wikipedia. Romania is participating today as well, so I want to apologize again for their performance (:

Before saying more about the contestants, I have to give mad props for the rendition of the medley performed by Mika and Laura Pausini, including Sting’s Fragile,

If you want to listen to the songs, you can check them in my previous article, along with my opinion about the best and worst of them.

Below, you’ll see how my favourites fared.


Country Artist Song
01  Czech Republic We Are Domi "Lights Off"
02  Romania Wrs "Llámame"
03  Portugal Maro "Saudade, saudade"
04  Finland The Rasmus "Jezebel"
05   Switzerland Marius Bear "Boys Do Cry"
06  France Alvan and Ahez "Fulenn"
07  Norway Subwoolfer "Give That Wolf a Banana"
08  Armenia Rosa Linn "Snap"
09  Italy Mahmood and Blanco "Brividi"
10  Spain Chanel "SloMo"
11  Netherlands S10 "De diepte"
12  Ukraine Kalush Orchestra "Stefania" (Стефанія)
13  Germany Malik Harris "Rockstars"
14  Lithuania Monika Liu "Sentimentai"
15  Azerbaijan Nadir Rustamli "Fade to Black"
16  Belgium Jérémie Makiese "Miss You"
17  Greece Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord "Die Together"
18  Iceland Systur "Með hækkandi sól"
19  Moldova Zdob și Zdub and Advahov Brothers "Trenulețul"
20  Sweden Cornelia Jakobs "Hold Me Closer"
21  Australia Sheldon Riley "Not the Same"
22  United Kingdom Sam Ryder "Space Man"
23  Poland Ochman "River"
24  Serbia Konstrakta "In corpore sano"
25  Estonia Stefan "Hope"


The winner was no surprise, Ukraine being heralded as winners by most bookies and specialty websites. While the Russian invasion of Ukraine made people have a soft spot for the Ukrainians, their song was a very strong one. Maybe not the best, but one of the catchiest. I observed that the crowd was really mesmerized by the song, clapping and cheering, so I guess it touched the right spots with the viewers. This thing was also seen in the televoting score, where Ukraine got a whopping 439 points (out of 480 possible). This means that on average, 36 of the 40 countries that voted gave them 12 points. Bonkers.

Besides the winners, I’m happy that Moldova managed a 7th position (with almost 250 points from televoting, one of the top countries in popular opinion). Romania did an honorable 18th place, considering the random song we sent. As a sidenote, EBU released an official statement stating that 6 countries with irregular voting patterns had their votes recalculated based “on the results of other countries with similar voting records”. In other words, the juries in 6 countries (Romania being one of them, tried some shit vote manipulation). Fucking disgrace.

Hola mi bebebe.
Hola mi bebebe.

The biggest disappointments were Norway’s “Give That Wolf a Banana” that couldn’t land further than tenth place, and Germany’s “Rockstars” which finished last. Sad, considering these were two very goof songs. Also Finland’s The Rasmus were pretty down, 21 out of 25, which is weird, considering their song was strong.

By Eurovision rules, next year’s contest is hosted by the winning country. Let’s hope to see it happen in a peaceful land of Ukraine, away from foreign invaders.

Kalush Orchestra - Ukraine
Kalush Orchestra - Ukraine
Ukraine 2023
Ukraine 2023