Finals Update

Another update, after the Final Updated on March 6, 2022

lmao, the jurors did it again, and sent to the Final in Turin, a poppy low-effort latino song. It’s a shame, because the competition left behind many good artists and way better songs. Plus, you can see how very biased the jury was just by looking at the differences in ratings.

Maybe next year we’ll send something better (which is a lie we keep telling ourselves over and over), and until next year, we’re going to be stuck with

Ola mi bebebe
Llama me, llama me

I shit you not.

Post-semifinal Update

I wrote here an update about how I think the semifinal went. TL;DR: it’s shit.
Updated on February 14, 2022

omegalul. After the semifinal, only one of my favourite songs got promoted to the final, much to the displeasure of the Romanian viewers, which considered “Malere” a favourite (and for a good reason).

There are some controversies, one of the songs is accused of copying an older song, something we’re used to. In other news, the removal of some of the best songs in the competition was met with

So fingers crossed for Dora on the National Selection Final on Sunday, March 5th.

I’m also placing Dora’s video below, because it’s worth it.

Dora Gaitanovici - “Ana”

Strong rock with Romanian folklore influences, Dora has a great voice and this is one of her best songs and probably the best song of the competition. I really hope she wins.