Welcome to your new job as a Space Warlord Organ Trafficker! The gameplay is a fast-paced trading platform, where you take customers and you have to fulfill their orders. They need organs, you have organs, you sell the organs, you make profits. Bribe people, undercut the market, sell at a profit, increase your reputation and your cash flow. Keep an eye on price dips and in no time you’ll be king of the galaxy. Meanwhile, you can upgrade your storage space, change your face to run away from mobsters and other nefarious things. Apparently, the game has multiple endings, but haven’t played it so far to reach any of them.

While the game is super fun, it gets a bit boring and grindy after a while, just like the other similar games, like DopeWars and such. I also didn’t like the trading period, because it’s pretty fast and I didn’t always had the split second to react and buy a certain item, but I can see how others might have fun with it.

Really strong points of the game, just like pretty much every indie game, are the nice retro-futuristic graphics and synth music, which keep you hooked to the game.

Get it: Steam | Xbox

🕹️ 🕹️ 🕹️ 🕹️ / 5