Continuing the great series of ads from Leo Burnett Romania, we go into another subject, one of the utmost importance for the Romanian people, it might even be our national sport: beer

By the way, the videos are shamelessly stolen from IQads (because they don’t allow embeds).


Bergenbier was always seen as a medium-priced beer, the affordable solution for every day. Its characters, as well as its audience was formed by regular people in regular situations.

The ads focused on bad, but totally plausible situations. These weren’t fairy tales or jokes, someone went through these at some point in life.

Moreover, to gain more traction in the higher market segment, they tried one of the best marketing stunts, by trying to make “Man’s Day” happen. I’ve seen some people still celebrate May 5th for this occasion, so I think it’s a success. More about the campaign from the people behind it


Bucegi is a classic Romanian brand, sold since the Communist regime. The ads are a definite throwback to those days, and I think they really work.

The next chapter will be about other Romanian drinks. Cheers!