I’ve been a big fan of advertising. No, I’m not talking about the part of advertising where you’re tracked by 300 companies just that they can show you a photo of a phone sold at 98% of the original price.

I’m talking about the fun, creative, smart part of advertising, about the TV spots that are still remembered after 15+ years of their release. Back in the second part of the 2000s, Leo Burnett Romania was a definite leader in the market, under the great creative direction of Bogdan Naumovici.

Many of their ads from that time became cult classics, becoming part of the Romanian culture, jokes like “Halatu’, cât e halatu’?”, “Laser, frate!” being still used nowadays. So, in their honor, the first episodes of this series is dedicated to them.

By the way, the videos are shamelessly stolen from IQads (because they don’t allow embeds).

Altex & Teletech

Altex was (and still is) one of the biggest electronic retail chains in Romania, and their key point against competition was the fact that customers could buy stuff on the most easy to get credits on the market.

Teletech was one of their TV brands that they sold (and owned). In order to get in front of the other retail chains, but also to stand in front of renown brands like Sony and Panasonic, they had to come with some great ads. And they got what they needed.

Double tapping on the success that the “Star Wars” and “Batman” ads had, they released a third one, which also contained a funny easter egg: …de negro, lo sabes … era su padre!.

The next chapter will be about the Romanian’s favourite sport: beer!