I’m going to jump a bit over some stuff, as they either happened a long time ago, or I simply forgot to take screenshots of stuff. But everyone knows: Classic, TBC, and Wrath were cool. My experience with them was pretty immersive, as the locations and main story were revolving around stuff that happened in Warcraft III.

MFs forgot about Cataclysm. Moreover, by the time I finished Wrath, I was so excited to start MoP, so I skipped Cataclysm completely for a few years.

Mists of Pandaria

Pandaria is beautiful. I loved the Pandaren since their appearance in Warcraft III, and loved to get the chance to play an expansion based on them. Pandas are super cool and the entire zone was awesomely done. Loved flying on the big kite, farming stuff in Halfhill, and ultimately defeating evil Garrosh.

Warlords of Draenor

In WoD content I started to learn better my class, started to read stuff about it and learned about stats priorities, rotations and cooldowns, rather than the “push buttons until the enemy dies” mentality.

I loved the lore here, tons of orcs clans, their stories and many known characters (Rexxar, Durotan, Broxigar, the Hellscreams, and so on). Raids and dungeons were super cool as well. The expanding and upgradable garrison is still one of the best features in the game, the closest thing to player housing. You build stuff, you make your base strong, you defeat the invaders. Zug zug.


After that, we returned to Azeroth, only to find it (once again) under attack by the Burning Legion. It was lovely to discover the Broken Isles, each zone with its own specific terrain, story and population. This expansion is very beautiful, featuring Suramar, which probably is one of the best looking areas in the game. The other zones are great looking, too.

However, the greatest feature was the Order Hall. Each playable class had its own hanging out place, its questline, its Artifact weapons that needed to be recovered. Played quite a few alts here for the story, 10/10 would recommend.

By the end of the expansion we travel to the shattered remains of what the planet Argus was, and we defeat the planet’s soul, while some titans look and eat seeds. This is one of the first ever cosmic big bads we defeat.

Artifact Weapons and Alts

“Alternate characters”, or “alts” are usually made to experience different types of gameplay, specialization, or even for various questlines. While experimenting with a few, the ones I like most are a Pandaren Shadow Priest (my first alt), Havoc Demon Hunter, Unholy Death Knight, Beast Mastery Hunter, Retribution Paladin (named “Pal”, hehe), Assasination Rogue and a few others. Legion’s Order Hall and Artifact Weapon acquisition system were so well done that it literally begs you to create and level alts. Now it’s super easy, as you can do it on an Allied Race (which starts at level 10) and go straight for the Artifacts questlines.

Battle for Azeroth

After unmaking Argus the Unmaker, the cosmic world soul of the planet with the same name, we return to Azeroth, to find out that Sylvanas, the Horde warchief, has gone maniacally homicidal and starts a genocide against the Night Elves. If you think this is familiar, yes, it’s pretty much the same plot as MoP. In BfA I got my main to current level and started to do current content, which I really liked. From war-mode shenanigans, to dungeons, raids, Mechagon Island, The Heart of Azeroth, Battle for Nazjatar, Island Expeditions, faction imbalance, Warfront instances, N’Zoth Assaults, corruptions, I think BfA was a great expansion. Had a blast doing all kinds of content, both PvE and PvP and even pushing heroic and mythic stuff. I also loved the fact that the new areas felt “real” somehow, as in areas where people could actually live, especially areas like Boralus, Tiragarde Sound, Stormsong Valley, and the tropical areas of Zul’dazar.

Identity Problems

With BfA, I started experimenting a lot on my main character. At some point I unlocked all the Horde Allied Races and switched race to a Vulpera. I loved it because it’s cute, it’s agile, the “Make Camp / Return to Camp” racial ability is really useful when farming older content, moreover, the 8 extra slots in the bags are super useful. The small size model also helps on making it look agile, even if its speed is the same as other races.

After a while I switched to Alliance, and unlocked those Allied Races too, as well as doing the BfA story line from the Alliance point of view while being an awesomely moustached Human. After finishing most current content (after patch 8.3.5), I switched back to vulpera.

Some time during Shadowlands I switched back to Alliance, this time on a very tiny Mecha-gnome. But I’ll write more about that next time.