Some people know I like gadgets. Some people know I collect gadgets. Back in the winter, when the weather was cold as fuck, I managed to get a couple of days to do something regarding these. So I started to check them, clean them, charge them, and eventually to take some photographs. I know sometimes I don’t have enough time to post about stuff (check the “a record a day” section which is anything else but daily), and I also wanted to avoid making a shit ton of very similar posts. Therefore, I created a section called “gadgets”. You’ll find here some of the gadgets I wrote about, but many others too. With the photos I made back in the day, I was able to create about 45 posts which will slowly release in the “Gadgets” section

What gadgets you say?

  • Laptops and older computers. While these will have usually larger posts, I will try to feature them in the gadgets section as well. But that’s a work in progress.
  • iPhones. I think they’re the gadgets that single-handedly revolutionized the internet and its adoption. You’ll find some other internet-enabled devices, PDAs and some older phones, but at some point.
  • iPods. The player that changed the music industry altogether. Been redesigned, remixed, copied, modified and rehashed several times, most device producers tried to mimic its success, like the Microsoft Zune, Creative Nomad, and others. You’ll find some other kind of music players in there in the future.
  • Some other music gadgets, walkman cassette, mini-disc players, others.

Please let me know which other gadgets you think I should add in the future?