I spoke a lot about the previous expansions, but this post is going to focus a bit on the current expansion: Shadowlands.

I played quite a bit during Shadowlands, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. While the story felt a lot like Wrath of the Lich King 2.0 just adding and (not) improving on old lore, the entire expansion felt more like a Diablo MMORPG. I did have a lot of fun, mostly because there were many things to do that were not related to the story itself. The design of the new zones was pretty decent (except for the Maw and the people that designed an entire area where you can’t mount), but it felt stale pretty quick.

In Season 2, I managed to play a bit with some friends and do some M+ dungeons, and then I focused more on solo play. I also played a bit on a Demon Hunter and a Monk, but I’ve left them behind a bit in the latest season.

During the current (3rd) Season, I’m not doing anything in particular, focusing mostly on solo stuff. The new zone (Zereth Mortis) feels lively and nice, as opposed to the older content, collecting stuff and Player vs Player activities. But more on those in the next article.