Unfortunately for my English readers, om la lună have only songs in Romanian.
I could try to translate their lyrics, but I’m afraid their magic will be lost in translation.
So learn Romanian, it’s worth it ;)

It all happened in a spring evening, back in 2019, at a concert of my dear friends Alex & The Fat Penguins.

The opening act was someone I never heard of, called “om la lună” (human to the moon). When he walked on the stage, alone with his acoustic guitar, he seemed familiar, but I couldn’t really say for sure where I’ve seen him before. That changed completely the second he started to sing. His unique vocal timbre sent me instantly back in time ten or eleven years.

I was struck, somehow the Universe brought before my eyes the singer of one of the bands I loved listening to the most back then. That band’s name was Oliver, and their album Poetrypop was one of the best rock albums at the time, somewhere on par with great albums by Luna Amară, Kumm, and Travka. I was very excited to see Doru with new songs, but more than that, I was amazed by the songs themselves, which were very very good.

Some time passed, and things moved in the normal direction they do when someone with great talent starts something. Other people with great talent joined the project and what started as a man with a guitar, developed into a full band.

They’ve been touring the country ever since (of course, with the pauses caused by the damn pandemic we’ve been facing), and unfortunately, I haven’t got the chance to see them live since my departure from Bucharest.

They released together two albums and one insanely good EP, and they get better with every new song they release. They’ve got also some singles remixed, like this marvelous gem

I could write volumes about their songs, about their lyrics, about how freaking awesome they sound, but it would be useless, as the words are not enough to encompass how good they are, so I am going to leave below a couple of their songs to get a taste, but I assure you, everything is worth listening, even if you don’t understand the lyrics, but as I said in the intro, the music is so good you’ll want to learn Romanian for this. And you can listen the entirety of their albums on their site.

Dans - 2020

In caz de om la lună, strigați “Om la Lună stânga/dreapta”, după caz - 2021

Echilibru - 2022

In conclusion, om la lună is here to stay, making excellent music and putting themselves on the “must see live” list for everyone. Make yourself a favour and go and see them live, it’s totally worth it.

PS: thanks for the autographs and the nice words! ♥️