Unfortunately for my English readers, om la lună have only songs in Romanian.
I could try to translate their lyrics, but I’m afraid their magic will be lost in translation.
So learn Romanian, it’s worth it ;)

I wrote a bit about om la lună a few months ago. Since then, the guys have been busy releasing their entire discography on vinyl. I was lucky to also be one of the 30 to get a very limited edition, containing not only the three albums on vinyl, but a 50x50cm painting made by Adrian Lulciuc (I got 15/30), a postcard, three posters, and stickers.

The albums themselves sound great and you can see a small preview below, or check each of them in the “records” section.

Dans - 2020

In caz de om la lună, strigați “Om la Lună stânga/dreapta”, după caz - 2021

Echilibru - 2022