Who are Celelalte Cuvinte?

Founded in December 1981 by Calin Pop, Marcel Breazu, Leontin Iovan and Ovidiu Rosu, they quickly became one of the public’s favourite. Their first discographic appearance was on the B-side of “Formatii Rock 8” compilation, being followed by what feels like a million great albums.

Following the release of “Celelalte Cuvinte II”, they headed to a heavier direction, leaving behind their old school progressive rock sound and opting instead for a more aggressive style, influenced by heavy metal and thrash metal, while still maintaining a progressive edge. This heavy sound was far more pronounced on the studio album “Armaghedon” which was released in 1994 which is one of the best Romanian heavy rock albums of all time.

More about the band can be found on their Wikipedia page and on their Discogs page.

Click for some Celelalte Cuvinte Songs

Scrisori Iubite

Iarba Prin Par

Un sfarsit e un inceput

Daca Vrei


Cel Din Rasarit

Nu-i Vina Mea

What does the project contain?

The project is the first rock memorabilia project launched in Romania and is created to mark the anniversary of 40 years of existence of the band.

It is a complex puzzle blending old and new, thought by Mihai Caraveteanu, based on an idea by Mihai Cora. The project has the blessing and involvement of the band members. Each letter contains the text written by Romanian poet George Toparceanu of the song “Scrisori iubite” (Loved Letters), and edited in 1987 by Calin Pop. Each letter is typed on a late 1970’s Vendex 500 TR typewriter, on certified “for export” paper produced in 1962 and naturally aged for 60 years, about the same age as the band’s members.

Each of the 44 letters is joined by a photograph of the band in the early 80’s, restored and printed on semi-matte paper and is signed on the back by the four founding members, still together after 50 years.

The year of the collection is represented by a valid Romanian Post stamp, affixed on the front of the hand-made envelope, manufactured out of recycled Flora paper.

There are more beautiful details about this beautiful memorabilia item, just check the photos, I think it is a great piece of art to mark a great band.

PS: I’ll meet them in concert next week, keep tuned for photos.