What is “România Pitoreasca” ?

“România Pitoreasca” is a magazine about tourism that had its first issue released back in 1933. It hit the newsstands until in the early 1940’s, when the Second World War discontinued it.

It was revived in January 1972 by the Ministry for Tourism, monthly released issues hitting the population throughout Romania since then, without interruption, surviving a regime change, social evolution, and they even have a website. It seems, however, that they didn’t release any new issues since Decebmer 2020, and their Facebook postings have become more and more scattered, until they stopped in April 2021, so the magazine might be discontinued again.

Now its issues are collectors items and the magazines once read by our grandparents and parents are now collected, read and enjoyed by all those who love hiking and alpine trails, the sun and the beaches of the Black Sea beaches and the waterways of the Danube Delta, the villages with their traditional customs and the cities that have kept their identity and the perfume of yesteryear.

Why is this issue special?

Without taking into the account the love I have for nature and travelling, this particular issue is special for me because it is the one published in December 1985, the month when I was born. Plus, it’s a gift from my niece, that makes it double-awesome. Being the last issue until the New Year, its cover doubles as a calendar, decorated with ancient art discovered on Romanian soil

How does it look?

Its articles span everything tourism-related, putting on the spotlight various places to visit, with an eclectic motivation: historical, cultural, geographical and etnographic places, educative camps, town visits suggestions, to winter traditions in various parts of the country.

Being released in 1985, of course it has the classic communist-regime fluff article on the first page.

But what if I want to read it?

Here it is, in PDF format for reading. You also have a download link below. Enjoy!



Romania Pitoreasca - December 1985 (168)

romania-pitoreasca-168.pdf (34.8 MB)