I won’t say too much about this little Sony. It’s iconic, it’s great, everyone looks for one. I was very lucky to get one for a very very very good price, and I tell you it’s a steal! The colours on it are great, the sound is excellent and it’s a perfect companion for a NES, a Laserdisc player or any other old console


  • Composite (CVBS): 2x BNC
  • S-Video 1x (Y/C)
  • RGB 1x BNC
  • Component (YPbPr) 1x on RGB input


  • TV Lines of Resolution 250
  • 480p support: No

Here’s a great gallery of some other small Sony PVMs



PVM 9041QM 9044QM Service Manual

PVM-9041QM_9044QM_Service_Manual_text.pdf (62.4 MB)