This little TV set was made in West Germany at the International Consumer Electronic Service in Neu-Ulm. Built from the start of the 1980s, there’s not a lot of information about this little great portable TV on the internet. I managed to find an ad online containing an image of a purchase date of 20.07.90 for a model similar to the one I have.

I was able to eventually find the German name of the company, ICS/SEC Selectronic Import-und Vetriebs-GmbH; Neu-Ulm and that they made multiple versions of TV/radio/cassette combos, like the CTV-2116, CTV 2020, CTV 2020 S, and other radios as well.

Regardless, as German precision goes, this little TV is pretty nice, the video and audio are a bit pale, but it really does the job. I managed to use it only with the Laserdisc player, but it’s a great companion for the NES as well.