The great open-world racing game Forza Horizon is now back with its fifth incarnation. Hundreds of various cars, spanning 90 years are available to earn, buy, or download. The new setting of the festival is now Mexico, and its landscapes are as breath-taking as the previous locations were. From pristine beaches to rocky mountains, crossing jungles, villages and encountering ancient Mayan monuments, everything in the game is a pleasure to encounter.

The intro, as always, sends you from a random place and makes you get to the festival as far as possible. As usual, you get to drive a few epic cars, like the Ford Bronco, the new Corvette C8, a modified 1989 Porsche 911, called “Desert Flyer”, and the poster-child, the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE. All this while racing against planes, motorcycles and other stuff. Classic Forza Horizon madness.

Once you get to the festival, you’re welcomed to join the first showcase, where you’re gonna race some more against the Forza Horizon cargo plane. Defeat it and keep the car. Or you’ll receive it as a gift. I don’t remember for sure.

That’s it. Get to racing or start exploring. There are tons of activities that are waiting for your racing skills.

The plate

Besides the infinite combination of liveries and custom power settings, one of the best personalizations in the game is still the custom car plate. It makes your car yours. You can also put bad words on it (like ND4SPD), but if you’re fast enough no one will see it.

There are many photos below, and also some new articles will come (link soon).

Get it: Official Site

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