Oh, the Mini. It’s one of the most fun cars in the game. When you first buy it, it’s a D-class tiny car that isn’t too fast. I’ve also painted it metallic flake green, because it’s like British Racing Green, but meme-ish. It’s fun to run a few races against other oldies, like the Peel P50 and the original Ford Transit, but soon enough you’ll want more.

Once you throw like 150k CR on upgrading it, you can raise it to an S1 or S2 class, which makes it a bullet. It’s fun, it’s small, it’s super fast, and also has quite the grip. Plus, the Super Mario livery is super cute.

I prefer an S1 tune, as the S2 makes the car too twitchy and harder to control, but even the S1 has a ton of power, which makes it race successfully against Lambos and other supercars. Plus, it can make perfect donuts, so that’s insane.

It goes like stink, it even performs well in drag and dirt races, and I think I’m going to use it for the largest part of the game, just as I did with its twin, in Forza Horizon 4.

That’s the last article regarding Forza Horizon 5 for now, maybe I’ll write some more after I progress more into the game, as now I’m just doing road racing and unlocking parts of the festival, but haven’t started the other stuff.iso