A seasoned woman from the show-business world recruits 11 Romanian dancers dreaming of fame and glory to take them to Paris. One of them decides to leave her husband, but he doesn’t take it well and sets out to get her back; plenty of hilarious things happen along the way.

In the turbulent times of the 90s, when the defining factors for Romania were: spontaneous strikes, currency exchange on every street corner and everyone’s dream of becoming a boss, 11 girls who are getting more and more beautiful set off on a bus journey to the mirage life as an artist in Paris. They are accompanied by a dubious local impresario (Florin Calinescu), an unscrupulous driver (Constantin Cotimanis) and a Frenchwoman who looks at life cynically, through the perspective of the harsh world of show-biz (Charlotte Rampling). The unexpected appears in the person of the husband of one of the girls (Mircea Diaconu), who cannot accept the idea that he has been abandoned and sets off on a chase, peppered with car thefts, armed attacks and kidnappings.

This is one of the best Romanian movies, Nae Caranfil’s movie becoming a cult classic. Great pacing, great laughs, a lot of dark humour. If you liked Restul e tacere / The Rest Is Silence (2007), then you’ll love this. Six popcorns and it goes to the Movie Vault.

No trailer could be found on youtube, so I’ve added a link to the full movie. No subtitles though :(

🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿 / 5