Survivors' firsthand accounts and actual footage fuel this emotional docuseries about the deadly 2015 earthquake that shook Nepal.

This is an excellent documentary. You will get viewpoints from tourists to guides to the average citizens. It puts everything into even more perspective about how tragic the event was. And the pace of each episode is very nice. There are no rushed stories, no loud music trying to drum up emotion, just raw footage of people talking about the events and of course raw recorded footage from that day. I will say, while I don’t think I could ever afford to travel to another country, nor handle mountain climbing, this documentary made me have zero interest in ever doing it. Seeing how dangerous it is. What happened literally happened in an instant on the mountain itself. People had zero warning or time to do anything but think their lives were about to end.

Terrifying, but excellent. Five popcorns, if you can eat while your stomach is in your throat.

🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿 / 5