This is definitely one of my most loved laptops. It’s super small, has great connectivity, a decent processor (Intel Core Solo) and a good integrated video card (Intel GMA 950), which makes it great for playing old games.

The display is very big for a laptop this size, making stuff pretty easy to read, even for my bat-like sight. The keyboard is a bit small for my chunky fingers, but after a few minutes of usage, it gets better.

It runs a Service Pack 2 Windows XP, which is super fast to load and optimizing this brings back a lot of memories from my first computer and the times I was re-installing Windows on friends computers (or cleaning them because they were full of shit from watching porn)

In terms of gaming, I managed to play nicely on it Warcraft 3 and Diablo 2 without any issue, but the small screen makes it quite cramped and tiring to play on, but it’s definitely a good unit to have around for an impromptu LAN party.

Because I said it reminded me of old times, I tried to install some older communication software, like Yahoo! Messenger, or Google Chat, but as they were discontinued, they can’t be used anymore. IRC (using mIRC) still works just it did 22 years ago, so that’s nice to have around, even if there aren’t too many people using it nowadays.

While this laptop is definitely not a “classic”, or an industry-revolutionising one, the fact that it has two USB ports, VGA, Memory Stick™ AND SD card slots, Ethernet LAN, A MODEM!, PCMCIA slot and a freaking DVD-ROM inside is mind-blowing. It’s also great that is has a physical toggle button for turning Wireless on or off, plus separated media control buttons

I think Sony managed to create a small black hole inside this tiny laptop, otherwise I don’t understand how could they fit so many things inside. I’d like to open it up and see what’s inside, but I’m afraid I’ll most likely destroy it.

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VGN-TX Series User Guide

Z011627111.pdf (1.9 MB)