The social way of posting code

Almighty programmers worldwide, rejoice! Because today we launched, the social way to write code. Snippify not only allows you to post pieces of your code and share them with your friends, team-mates, colleagues or the entire world. It also helps you find scripts or functions that you need immediatly.

Using snippify is very easy, since no passwords are requiered. The authentication process is managed by OpenID, so if you’re already logged into your Google/Gmail, Yahoo or AOL account you just need to allow snippify to authenticate you. OpenID works also with other providers, so there are many available options. All secure, full privacy, no passwords.

Also, the experienced programmers can use one of the snippets plugins developed for Firefox, Eclipse, Active State Komodo or Netbeans.  Just paste the Private API Key that you find in your profile and you’re good to go.

The currently version is still under development, so we’ll be thankful for any requests in features or bug reports. After all, this is a free service, a full open-source engine, made for the community. The programming language is detected automatically (if you don’t select it) and we’re improving the detection algorithm to make it even better.

I started to work on this project along with my friend sasha, one of the best programmers I’ve worked with, because I really liked the idea and it offered me a big chance in working with the django development framework. I’m very pleased with the result, even though the project is not completed, but we will keep on working on it, improving it, make it better for the community.

I hope that you like it, that you’ll enjoy using it and that you will send enough feedback to make this project work.

Best regards!