The first two days of Sanremo are behind us, the “free practice” days. During the first day, twelve artists sang their songs, the remaining performed the second day. Now, in their third day, they are going all to perform the songs again, trying to convince people to vote for them.

I’m going to list them below and share my quick opinion on them. I won’t add Youtube embeds, as I’ve discovered they can slow the browser a lot, I’ll just add the links to the official videos and the artists' live performances in the first/second day.

1. Giusy Ferreri - “Miele”

I love to see Giusy is back with a good song. Love the horn usage in the beginning of the song.

2. Highsnob & Hu - “Abbi cura di te”

Such a great song from this duo! Very sensible and also great voices. One of my favourites.

3. Fabrizio Moro - “Sei tu”

Decent song and a good voice. Hope he gets the attention he deserves.

4. Aka7even - “Perfetta così”

A decent song, a decent voice, but didn’t strike any particular chord. Still better than a lot of stuff we see at Eurovision from other countries.

5. Massimo Ranieri - “Lettera di là dal mare”

The winner of 1988 has returned to Sanremo with a very good song and wanting to show that he still got it?

6. Dargen D’Amico - “Dove si balla”

With a good voice, a flashy appearance and a super-catchy songs, he’s definitely aiming for the top 5

7. Irama - “Ovunque sarai”

A good slow song, a good voice, but doesn’t strike me in particular.

8. Ditonellapiaga & Donatella Rettore - “Chimica”

Old and new in a very catchy song, that’s definitely going to stick in your ear. and Donatella Rettore shows that she still has it.

9. Michele Bravi - “Inverno dei fiori”

Nice voice and a nice song, definitely in the higher half of the lot.

10. Rkomi - “Insuperabile”

Good pop-rock, but the bar is very high this year, so I don’t think it will go too high.

11. Mahmood & Blanco - “Brividi”

Slow, sincere, sensible. The voices are stellar, the song is excellent as well. Definitely a contender to win.

12. Gianni Morandi - “Apri tutte le porte”

Such a strong song performed by the legend Gianni Morandi. Has a bit of retro sound, while keeping the Italian sound. Excellent job done by the writer and composer Jovanotti.

13. Tananai - “Sesso occasionale”

The song is not bad, but the guy’s voice is all over the place and doesn’t have the charisma to land this.

14. Elisa - “O forse sei tu”

Strong song, very good voice, definitely a top 10 for me.

15. La Rappresentante di Lista - “Ciao ciao”

Definitely one of the catchiest and strongest songs this year, most likely to battle for the win.

16. Iva Zanicchi - “Voglio amarti”

She’s 82, she looks like 50 and she sings like she’s 30. Amazing voice, amazing song, hope for a top 3, or even a win. She’s that great.

17. Achille Lauro feat. Harlem Gospel Choir - “Domenica”

Very catchy song, very good performance, and the Harlem Gospel Choir is spot on. Excellent tune.

18. Matteo Romano - “Virale”

Audacious of Matteo to name this song “Virale” during a pandemic event, but he manages to get past this. The singing is spot on, the song is well-done and he has a good chance to reach a high position.

19. Ana Mena - “Duecentomila ore”

Banging summer hit. Her good voice and this insane beat will surely stay on for the summer, and the total play time will go way beyond the 200000 hours.

20. Sangiovanni - “Farfalle”

Strong pop song, his voice fits properly the song and his flow is great. All in all a strong attempt for the top 10.

21. Emma - “Ogni volta è così”

Good verstatile song, well suited for Emma’s voice. Another strong contender for the top.

22. Yuman - “Ora e qui”

Great voice, but the song didn’t feel as strong. The instrumental has some 70s feeling, but it just doesn’t fit well with the voice.

23. Le Vibrazioni - “Tantissimo”

Good rock band, good vocal and good players, with a good song that has a strong Italo-rock feeling.

24. Giovanni Truppi - “Tuo padre, mia madre, Lucia”

Giovanni has a good voice, has a nice slow song/sung story, but the competition is fierce.

25. Noemi - “Ti amo non lo so dire”

Red-haired. Green-eyed. Great song. Great voice. What’s not to love about her? Top 10 for sure.