Let’s get right to the point. r/place is coming back.

For the first time in Reddit’s history, we are not only bringing back a past April Fools’ experiment, but we’re telling you about it early.

Since it’s reopening, at Fri Apr 1 13:07:07 2022 UTC, r/place has been the host for:

  • Botting • 1234
  • Cheating from the authorities • 1234
  • Doxxing, brigading, psychopath people streamers followed by hordes of mindless zealots nuking everything they want • 1234567

As someone on 4chan said, it is by its mechanisms an incentivization of terminally online behaviour. To really get shit done an entire community must be glued to one app every five minutes. Or to do illegal/imoral things. And then it hit me.

all crime is legal and emergency services are temporarily suspended.

r/place is the digital version of The Purge.