For ages I wanted to buy a typewriter because it offers a unique tactile experience and can help me disconnect from technology. With its satisfying clacking and dinging, it can also enhance my writing process by making me slow down and focus on each word.

Between all the models out there, I eventually chose an Olivetti Lettera 32, a classic typewriter that was first introduced in 1963 and quickly gained popularity among writers, journalists and office workers for its durability, ease of use and sleek Italian design, earning a reputation for one of the most iconic typewriters of the 20th century, along with her older sister, the Lettera 22. These wonders of engineering were popular among artists including: Cormac McCarthy ("The Road"), Sylvia Plath, John Updike, Ian McEwan, Bob Dylan; Francis Ford Coppola used a Lettera 32 to write the screenplay for “The Godfather”, which he also directed. Leonard Cohen used to write on a 22.

Although I got mine fairly cheap, she’s in a lovely condition, needing just a bit of cleaning. It throws an error every now and then, but it’s mostly because of my lack of experience in using a typewriter. The carrying case is in a pretty bad shape, but it’ll go soon to a leatherworker, to have it restored. By the way, as all Lettera owners do, I decided to call mine “Luna”, because it hass moon-like curves on its keys and also has a classic design. Maybe someday she’ll have a spa day to get properly cleaned and oiled, but for the moment, a damp cloth should be just fine. Because I haven’t opened it yet, I don’t have the serial number, so I can’t pinpoint the manufacturing date, but it’s definitely somewhere between 63 and 1975.

All in all, this is a lovely “gadget”, and I hope to write more on it.

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