Well, removing porn never lifted anyone’s spirits. Unless they’re prudes.

So imgur is going the same route that Photobucket, Tumblr and others went (unsuccessfully, of course) and they are beginning the crackdown on porn. They will remove all mature content and images that are not assigned to a user starting with May 15, when the new policy comes into effect (or even before that).


Please accept this puppy as a token of our thanks.

Most likely, imgur will either back off from this, or slowly go into a steep descent, until no one else will use them anymore. The actual tragedy here is that many images will just disappear from internet, guides will be rendered useless, just as some guy on the internet says:

For 10+ years, imgur has been many people’s go-to way of hosting an image they want to post to a forum or whatever. Many of those people will have paid little attention to whether or not they were logged into imgur when they posted each image. In short, it sounds like a lot of image links are about to break.

Keep in mind, never hotlink and always host your shit. Or cry when they’re gone or even fucking worse.

One of my favourite things to do when I was bored was to use an Imgur ID Bruteforce tool to explore various things people uploaded on imgur. Most of the time I’d get useless images, dick picks, (bad) memes, photos of Korean celebrities, screenshots from WoW or GTA Online, but every now and then I’d find some nice photos, wallpapers, screenshots from movies, funny stuff things, or just cool random stuff.

The gallery below is a tribute of the internet that soon will no longer exist. These few images will live on, millions of others will be lost forever.