I wanted to move a bit from the old monospace design, which felt right for the amount of text content I was generating on the records and quickies, but felt a bit hard to read on older posts, so I set up on a quest to find a replacement for Nova Mono (which, btw, is a wonderful font, with a great story)

After some testing, the winner is Fredoka. Besides the good readability of the font, I loved its thickness (altough it’s a bit too thick for my content, so I had to ease back on the font-weight CSS property), its rounded corners making the titles a bit more human and less sharp. What really convinced me were the shapes of the capital “B” and the number “2”.

B   2

The font is based on Fredoka One, the initial Latin component was designed by Milena Brandão, the later Hebrew component (which I’m not serving, because I don’t have Hebrew content) was designed by Ben Nathan, who currently maintains the project at github.

Fredoka One
Fredoka One

I’m not using Fredoka One at the moment, as it’s suited for very big font-sizes, but I’m planning some changes to take advantage of it, because it’s a beautifully-designed font. I’m also thinking about including the Fredoka Dingbats font, as it’s a great complementary add-on for the font.

All images in this article are from Milena B. website