At its launch, this Commodore C64 was the pinnacle of home computing, and dominated the low-end market pretty much everywhere (except UK, which had the Sinclair Spectrum, and Japan which had NEC, Fujitsu and Sharp battling for #1; of course, this not includes the countries from the old communist block which managed to develop their own Spectrum clones – I’ll talk more about these in other posts)

While you could connect a tape player, just as with any other BASIC computer, this beast was able to load ROM cartridges. Pair these games with the 2 joystick connectors, and this is still a super fast, super reliable retro gaming station.

I happened to be very lucky when I got this, as it came with a ton of games, some applications and even a ton of Commodore Format magazines along with their CF Powerpack cassette counterparts.

I also got this with a weird motorcycle-like controller, a commodore-clone tape player/recorder and what’s most impressive, a working Commodore MPS 803 printer (but its ribbon was turned to dust, because of its old age). I don’t currently have these anymore, as I donated most of them to some friends that have more time than I do, I only kept the C64, and some games.


  • Commodore MPS-803 Dot Matrix Printer
  • Commodore 1530 Datasette Replica
  • QuickShot Game Controllers

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