After the great success of the 2021 editions, Formula 1 returns in the Topps Turbo Attax format. The complete edition contains:

  • 361 Base cards
  • 18 Exclusive cards - EX
  • 23 Limited Edition cards, with 3 of them being very rare, only given at some races - LE
  • 16 Giant cards - GC
  • 20 Digitally signed cards (Signature is not handwritten, only printed)

Some of the giant cards are pretty rare to get, while the signature cards I’ve seen only come from the Indian versions, which are pretty expensive, therefore I decided not to collect them and just be happy for the ones I got.

The shiny base cards can have pink parallels, green or red numbered parallels (that’s without taking into account the red Indian parallels, which are not numbered).

Due to the big amount of cards, I was able to make an almost full second album, and also make another full set of 1-329. I’m also in the process of swapping all the shinies in my primary album with pink variants, I only need 2 more. I finished the full set of pinks, and got quite a few extra reds.

Topps presents the all new F1 2022 Turbo Attax collection featuring over 380 cards to collect with more Limited Editions including Ultra-rare LE’s, more parallels and for the first time Autograph cards from all the drivers. With categories including F1 Hero Cards, Live Action (2021 season), Epic Moments, Record Breakers, 2022 F1 Cars, Track Masters, Idols and Superstars plus all new 100 club cards this is an action-packed collection for all F1 fans. Plus look out for the Stars of Tomorrow from F2 and F3 cards making their debut.