This MacBook model is a very special one to me.

I remember seeing the black model back in 2007, in Vama Veche, at Stufstock, in the ticketing office. That’s the moment I fell in love with the awesome contrast between the black plastic case and the glowing logo.

The white one was the first Apple laptop I ever got, bought second hand from someone found online. I had to travel 30km with a very good friend to see it and pick it up, and I still remember that day like it was yesterday. That laptop has been in a ton of countries, been through some serious physical damage (as it can be seen) and had its screen replaced. But it’s still going strong with 3GB RAM and a new SSD unit. The white polycarbonate is prone to become yellow, and this can be seen in parts of the laptop, most likely because the new screen assembly (entire unit: LCD, back-light, camera, antennas) being taken from a different computer.

Both computers run Mac OS X Snow Leopard. I think it might be the last system that they support, or maybe I could upgrade it to Lion, but they’re not used that much to take the chance. The white one got a brand new knockoff battery, I should get one for the black one as well, but in due time.

It’s amazing that the 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo can still run very strong software (Adobe Photoshop CS5, wow) and is very fast in other apps, generally. Considering the way software and websites were better optimized back then, in real life this CPU feels faster than the low-voltage 1.2GHz 2020 Intel i7 that you get in the last Intel Macbook Air.

However, it’s bad that the OS doesn’t get any other updates and the major browsers don’t update their applications anymore for Snow Leopard, but it’s a great time capsule and return to 10-15 years ago, when the Internet was a bit more straight-forward, simple and (imho) better.

This Macbook model, regardless of being black or white is definitely one of the best and most popular laptops ever made, and it’s always a pleasure to fiddle a bit with one.

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