This movie is madness. Think Monty Python, but Romanian. It’s filled with intentional errors, (factual errors as well – they have pawn shops, mailboxes, angle grinders and bicycles), obscene product placement, jokes about the Romanian society, patriotic fanatism and others.

It’s dumb, it’s very dumb, it’s so dumb it make a 180º turn, then a 360º, then a 720º one and lands somewhere.

Some of the jokes are very low effort, some are so dry, one can only wonder how on Earth they get to them.

Not sure if this is shit or gold, but it’s a good watch before going to sleep. Four popcorns.

- Voi vedeti ca nu e niciun sacrificat pe altarul lui Zamolxes astazi? O fi ziua mortilor deschise.

- E zi cu lup rosu in calendar!

🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿 / 5