This is the original West Side Story musical that won a whopping 10 Oscars at the 34th Academy Awards. The acting is excellent, the dancing is extraordinary.The songs are excellent and somehow, the story is more captivating than the remake. While the new version has better technology, better location designs, and some story and location changes, this movie still remains one of the best movies ever made, and it’s considered a classic, getting a ton of Oscars for “technical” features, like Best Score, Sound, Cinematography, Costume Design, Art Direction, Film Editing, along with the statues for best Supporting Actor and Actress, Best Director and Best Picture. All these while competing with other great classics like “The Guns of Navarrone”, “Judgment at Nuremberg”, “La Dolce Vita”, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, and many others.

I’m happy that I’ve seen the remake first, because I understand where the inspiration for that good movie came from.

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