Life and death of software pioneer John McAfee who developed the software McAfee Antivirus.

This is a story about a programmer turned businessman turned billionaire turned certifiably insane person.

John McAfee was an interesting person, contributing to the Apollo program, Univac, Xerox, Lockheed. On the other hand, he was eccentric, unpredictable, and generally speaking a douche, that allegedly committed suicide in his prison cell, just like the other people that had dirt about high-value US names.

While he had a pretty interesting life, regardless of if you think that he was a genius or a cunt, this documentary falls very short. The first attempt (by Vice, of fucking course) was awful made, and the second one isn’t too bright. The documentary is a decent watch for a late evening, but don’t expect for it to get too many prizes.

Genius or psycho, John McAfee was an interesting person, with a good story to tell, but this documentary isn’t it.

Three popcorns.

🍿 🍿 🍿 / 5