A collaboration between Mircea Veroiu and Dan Pita, “Nunta de piatra” is composed of two medium-length movies, each of the aforementioned directing one of the parts, each based on stories by Romanian writer Ion Agarbiceanu, both set around the same period of time, in the same mining village of Rosia Montana.


The first part is focusing on the story of Maria, known in her village as Fefeleaga, a widow that is living in poverty with her daughter Paunita, working at the gold mine close to the village, carrying rocks with her horse. But life is how it is and nothing good ever comes from sadness and poverty.

Ca la nunta (Like weddings are)

The second part shows a traditional celebration in a story that brings together a lonely musician, a runaway man, and an entire village for an arranged wedding. Sometimes love finds a way, just the same way as life doesn’t, and makes

The stories themselves are simple, linear, and they focus not on action, but more on how the characters are feeling. The pacing is a bit slow, but not dragging.

The music is very well done by Dorin Liviu Zaharia (which also has a cameo appearance as the gramophone guy in the second part) and Dan Andrei Aldea (one of the biggest name in Romanian folk and rock scenes, and leader of the group Sfinx), and the songs play an important part in explaining the feelings and the action.

The cinematography though, is excellent. It’s mindblowing that a movie like that was made in Romania during the 70s, it amazes me with beautiful framing, excellent lightwork and camera work, I think it’s one of the best Romanian movies ever made. Five popcorns and it goes into the Movie Vault.

🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿 / 5