Everyone that knows me a little knows I’m a sucker for dogs. I started this movie thinking it’s going to be a heartfelt movie about a dog. This is not it. This is not a tearjerker, it’s the Ultimate Optimized Tear Extractor 3000. You’re going to watch this movie, you’re going to love it, you’re going to laugh a few times, and you’re going to cry. A lot. And when the movie is done, you’re going to spend 5 hours in bed crying with your dog on your lap.

Brilliant drama, really moving, featuring excellent music and great voices (I watched the Romanian voice version and it was brilliant). 6 popcorns, an infinity of 🦴 and goes into the movie vault.

Manole: Uite, bă, băiatule, că tu ești deșteaptă!

Trailer in English, French, Romanian

🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿 / 5