When young Daria enters rehab, her perceived innocence gains her the protection of the mostly male junkies inside, but she soon finds out that this special treatment comes at a great price.

Because it’s a Romanian movie, of course it’s going to have some weird dumb shit in it, so there’s no musical score, just a lot of ASMR chocolate eating, stuff clanking and footsteps, gasping and breathing.

While I expected it to be a boring slow burn, there’s enough dialogue, action and character interaction to make this feel captivating in the first part. The acting is decent, the story is okey-ish, but it fades out in the second half. Also the plot holes are immense, and any open ended question is left to the viewers' appreciation. Oh, and the ending is partially told over the credits by a scene in a club.

I’m not going to say too much about the uninspired pillarbox aspect ratio of the movie, or about the fact that Romania sends to Oscars in 2023 a movie released in 2021. This is a bad movie, with some wasted talent (especially lead actress, Ana Dumitrașcu)

Two popcorns.

🍿 🍿 🍿 / 5