Drive My Car is a weird movie (duh, it’s Japanese). It’s a loooong, slow burning drama about a renowned artist, haunted by the mysteries of his wife’s life, based on a story by Murakami. It’s long. It’s slow. Did I already say that? It takes 45 minutes for the movie to end its introduction. If you’re into it, then it’s a treat.

It’s that kind of movie where you need to empathize with the characters, where the movie is about how they feel, not about what they do. And it’s doing it with a lot of style, just as any other movie does.

Some people say that the car is like a character, and I totally get it, being witness to the entire story as it unfolds. Good drama, good story, great cinematography. Definitely worth watching.

This movie has got an Oscar Nomination for best picture. It’s a good foreign language movie, some others have won in time, but this doesn’t have a strong chance of winning.

🍿 🍿 🍿 🍿 / 5