Classic cartoon craziness meets an interactive quiz in CAT BURGLAR. In this Tex Avery inspired toon from the creators of BLACK MIRROR, the viewer helps Rowdy Cat vex Peanut the Security Pup and break into a museum with the goal of making off with a priceless prize. With an average runtime of ten minutes, and over an hour and a half of animation to choose from, the viewer could play CAT BURGLAR a hundred times and never view the same cartoon twice!

While the cartoon is a good throwback to Tex Avery toons (Looney Tunes, Droopy, Chilly Willy), but the creative part is ruined by the “gameplay”. Trivia questions, most of the time pretty complex or mind-benders, that you need to read, think and answer in packs of three in about 4 seconds. I tried playing it a bit, but the complexity of the trivia part ruined it for me. I would have loved this if it had a more “Bandersnatch” approach, where you’d choose the action that the cat will take, rather than a “pass/fail”. 4 stars for the cartoon itself, zero stars for the implementation.

Two popcorns. I put on some Looney Tunes instead.

🍿 🍿 / 5