I want to say from the start that this is the best looking iPod Classic ever, that’s why this is my main iPod.

The 5th Generation version also got an U2 Special Edition. Just like its counterpart, it can playback video, video podcasts, download some games from the App Store (not available anymore). The back still has the U2 members signatures and the U2 logo, but it’s now black, to match the front. And it’s very beautiful.

When the 5.5, or Enhanced version was released, the iPod U2 got a new version as well with the brighter display and software changes. However, its size remained to 30GB.

iPod U2 Edition (5th Gen)

iPod U2 Edition (5th Gen)
Release Year 2006
Capacity 30 GB
Apple Order No. MA452LL/A
Model Number A1136 (EMC 2065)
Actual Capacity 30 GB