The fifth gen iPod touch is the first iPod with the 4" screen, to match the visual and technical updates of the iphone 5.

This generation brought colours to the iPod touch, launching with a new aluminum back plate, painted black, silver, pink, yellow or blue, to match the 7th Generation iPod Nano. It also added a new accessory, the iPod touch loop, and the plastic wi-fi antenna “window” was added to the back plate again. It also has updated internals and Lightning connector.

Additionally,in 2013 this model was silently launched in a version that has a black front and a silver colored aluminum back, with no back camera and no support for the iPod touch “loop,” this model is essentially the same as the subsequently introduced 16 GB iPod touch 5th Gen.

It also got refreshed with larger capacities in 2014.


MD723LL/A refers to the 32 GB configuration of the iPod touch (5th Gen) in dark gray “slate”. The 32 GB configuration in “space gray” is ME978LL/A, sliver is MD720LL/A, pink is MC903LL/A, yellow is MD714LL/A, blue is MD717LL/A, and (PRODUCT) RED is MD749LL/A.

The 64 GB configuration in slate is MD724LL/A, space gray is ME979LL/A, sliver is MD721LL/A, pink is MC904LL/A, yellow is MD715LL/A, blue is MD718LL/A, and (PRODUCT) RED is MD705LL/A.


MGG82LL/A refers to this 16 GB iPod touch 5th Gen model in space gray. The MGG52LL/A, MGFY2LL/A, MGG12LL/A, MGG32LL/A, and MGG72LL/A order numbers refer to the 16 GB iPod touch 5th Gen models released in 2014 in silver, pink, yellow, blue, and (PRODUCT) RED, respectively.

iPod touch (5th Gen)

iPod touch (5th Gen)
Release Year 2012
Capacity 16, 32, 64 GB 16 GB (No iSight)
Apple Order No. A1421 (EMC 2600) A1509 (EMC 2676) (No iSight)
Model Number MD723LL/A ME643LL/A (No iSight)
Actual Capacity 16 GB - iSight - Silver