Although the iPod touch (2nd Gen/Late 2009/MC/8 GB) was released alongside the iPod touch 3rd Gen and is distinctly different from the 8 GB configuration of the iPod touch 2nd Gen, with more advanced connectivity (even if not entirely supported in software), its own “MC” order numbers and unique serial numbers, and even its own Bootrom, it is easiest to retroactively consider it a “2nd Gen” model as it cannot run versions of the iOS beyond iOS 4.2.

Originally, Apple heralded this model as a “new iPod touch” released with the “Late 2009” series, with more quiet technical differentiation categorized simply by capacity rather than generation per se. It was quite common to see it advertised by third-parties as a “3rd Gen” model at the time and retroactively called a “3rd Gen” model, too.

Unfortunately, for this project, the touches started to keep their design in time, the iterations being very thinly visible. The second generation removed the black bezel of the first gen, added side volume buttons and streamlined the design of the plastic wifi antena “window” on the back, to give it a rounded square form.

iPod touch (2nd Gen)

iPod touch (2nd Gen)
Release Year 2008
Capacity 8, 16, 32 GB
Apple Order No. MB528LL/A MC086LL/A (2009)
Model Number A1288/A1319 (EMC 2341)
Actual Capacity 8GB (x2) 8GB - MC Model