iPod mini was the smalles mp3 player at its launch, was made to bring the iPod experience to more people, bringing a smaller form factor, smaller capacity, but the same iPod quality. It also comes in five awesome colours: silver, gold, blue, green and pink.

Perhaps most notably, for navigation, the iPod mini introduced the revolutionary “ClickWheel” which places pressure sensitive navigation buttons underneath the scroll wheel.

The iPod mini features a voice recorder feature, games, and an alarm clock, as well as a wired remote, a “dock” for quick-and-easy connection to a computer – Firewire for Macs and USB 2.0 for Windows – and audio out for connection to a stereo or powered speakers.

iPod mini

iPod mini
Release Year 2004
Capacity 4 GB
Apple Order No. M9160LL/A
Model Number A1051 (EMC 1984)
Actual Capacity 4GB - Silver