This model is one of the most ambitious that Apple released. Following the physical scroll wheel in Gen 1, and the capacitive touch wheel in Gen 2, the third iteration of the iPod took out the buttons around the wheel and lined them up above it, in a capacitive touch form. The middle button is capacitive as well and is usually prone to accidental taps.

One of the biggest change this version brought (besides games), was the move from the standard Firewire to the Apple proprietary 30-pin dock connector (which was used until 2014 in Apple devices)

This iPod is a strange one, and you can find plenty online as “not working or for spares”, because it features a small glitch. While charging through the 30-pin cable, it needs a computer or a wall charger with a Firewire port, not an USB one, because it needs 12 volts to charge (and USB only gives 5V). This is how I managed to get some lots fomr ebay to try and make a couple work from parts and was amazed that more than half of them were working.

iPod (3rd Gen)

iPod (3rd Gen)
Release Year 2003
Capacity 10, 15, 30, 40 GB
Apple Order No. M8976LL/A
Model Number A1040 (EMC 1961)
Actual Capacity 15 GB (x3) 20 GB (x2) 40 GB 15 GB - broken